Saturday, July 11, 2009

Benefit Weekend Wrap-up!

Truly Amazing! So many of you have shown how generous and loving you are through your unwavering support of Sacred Selections. You have proven that even a slow economy cannot keep faithful christians from helping those in need. After all was tallied and expenses were covered, the latest events provided a total of over $17,300 to the work of Sacred Selections !! That is $5,000 more than 2008! Some of you may have heard that one week after the events, Sacred Selection’s board met and promised funds to a couple in the northwest with more to follow soon. We will be updating the Sacred Selections website with those details ( so visit often and stay in touch.

I also want you to know that your example has set a fire. We have been contacted by several people throughout the country asking how they too can host events to benefit these children and couples. Your example is encouraging to us, the couples in need, and others looking for ways to help!

It is an awesome privilege to work with God’s family and witness the generosity of your hearts. So, while we thank you for your participation in this work, we praise God and give Him the glory for teaching us His ways and providing the opportunity to serve Him by serving others!

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