Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another Note from Dana

Support of SACRED SELECTIONS does more than helping fund adoptions for Christians... it places joy, hope and trust in hearts of birthmothers that have been stripped of these blessings.

Over the years David and I have talked with countless birthmothers and they ALL naturally express concern over the family that will adopt their child.

Probably one of their first concerns is if the family can afford the adoption.

Now since SACRED SELECTIONS we have had the privilege of telling the birthmothers of the many, many Christians all around the world who are donating their money and time to help see that their baby will be placed in a Christian home.

I wish you could see and hear their AMAZEMENT that strangers would be helping them and their child for no other reason than to make sure that their baby is safe and loved in a good Christian home!

Often times this example of Christian giving has helped to plant seeds of faith in the birthmothers' empty hearts. Many have attended church services with us....they want to know more about this family of God that cares for them and their child. We make sure that they have Bibles before they leave us and we pray that God will become their light and shine His path for them for the rest of their lives!

Who knows but God what your donation can render, not only in the placement of a child into a loving Christian home, but to the very soul of a young woman floundering in the world searching for love not knowing of the most perfect love that only our Lord can and is so willing to give!

Your giving back to God from the Blessings God gave you will be the most extraordinary and powerful example of God's love that a birthmother may ever witness!

Please keep the birthmothers in your prayers that they choose life and see God's love in us!

Dana Carrozza

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