Monday, May 11, 2009

Chuck's Challenge

While it is never our intention to feed off of emotion, if anything can get our attention, it’s a baby in need. That is why so many christians are opening up to help. While many will make it to at least one of the benefit events, many who cannot are still excited about sending a donation. Chuck, one of our brothers in Christ in Jackson, TN is sending a donation because he and his wife cannot be here. He believes in the cause so much, he wants to challenge everyone who cannot make it to the events to do the same. We know times are tough for some of you who have felt the blow to the economy. But, those couples that are open to receiving a baby into their home are just as concerned about the future of our economy and need our help. If you can afford to help at all, we encourage you to take time to come together with brothers and sisters to help other christians build a life for a child. We REALLY want you to come to the events. But, if you simply cannot, please consider a donation.

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  1. I talked with 2 girlfriends yesterday and told them all about Sacred Selections and the fundraiser we're doing. The will both be out of town but they each gave me a donation check. Tell everyone you know about this, even if they can't come, they might be able to donate something.