Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why YOU Should Participate in the Benefit June 5 & 6

My Dear Christian Brothers and Sisters:

ADOPTION is a foreign word to so many conjures up images of babies being either abandoned by birthmothers or "snatched" from their arms in some horrific manner. Adoption is NOT like this in our society today. Often times young women who find themselves pregnant are shocked and don't know where to turn. Unfortunately our Government, encouraged and underscored by the media, have devised a "Quick Fix" for their Dilemma....Abortion.”This will solve ALL your problems,” they say and many women buy into that myth. God has placed in ALL of our hearts a great understanding and appreciation for LIFE and there are some who feel life that dwells inside of them and try to choose an alternative to killing their child.

The more that David and I work with Pregnant women the more we see their understanding of LIFE and its precious nature... but soooo many have been fed the "garbage" permeating our society that abortion is the answer that they are left confused and reeling from the responsibilities and possibilities of them caring for a child in the future!

This is where Christians need to step forward to HELP these birthmothers and their babies that they so desperately LOVE but cannot care for....Think about it.... what are their alternatives? Care for them without any means of support?..... Pass them off to foster care at birth? (and let me tell you the social workers are standing by ready to "scoop" up these babies from young women without a plan) OR make an adoption plan for their baby?

Do you know how many birthmothers think that it will cost them money to choose adoption???? I talk to adoption attorneys all across America and they ALL tell me the same thing that the birthmother let the child go to foster care because she couldn't afford the attorney's fees for adoption!! Just another one of the devil's tricks.

Nearly ALL birthmothers thank their adoptive families for taking their children to love and to raise.... they say to me "I am soooo lucky that they would choose to LOVE and care for my child...I am so happy for my child to have such a gift as a mom and dad who REALLY want them!" And more than that several of my birthmothers get pregnant again want the families that adopted their first child to also adopt this child.

I have had good, well meaning Christians tell me to my face that "No mother would EVER give her child willingly so we just don't want to be a part of that!" Just because you have not experienced something DOES NOT MAKE IT A FACT!!!

It is a feeling whether spoken or unspoken throughout almost all birthmothers who are facing adoption...."Why would anyone ever want to adopt my child when I don't even want it?!!! Do you hear the devil at ALL in that statement?

Brothers and Sisters in Christ.... I tell you now for certainty that there are countless thousands of babies and children just here in the United States that are crying and desperately needing a Christian home!! You need to look no further than your front door...Do you know the abortion statistics in your home state?...Get to know them....YOU Will be Shocked!!! The young waitress at the Cracker Barrell is probably pregnant and deciding on an abortion....The check out girl at Walmart is probably pregnant and daydreaming of how she could keep her child or choose abortion! Just one random kindly word stating that you believe in LIFE and would be willing to help anyone trying to decide on LIFE could save an innocent child.

The fundraiser in Memphis this June picks up ALL the broken pieces of hearts and puts them together in such a BEAUTIFUL .. LOVING and CHRISTIAN way!!

Birthmothers looking for a better way for their child can be connected with a Christian family who are ready, willing, and able to raise a child.... the ONLY thing standing in their sad if a child is lost over money ....

When i initially talk to birthmothers the first thing that they want to know about are the types of families that they can choose from...If i can ONLY show her 3 families who have the money available for adoption now.....the chances are narrowed to the point that we may lose that child to abortion, welfare, or a family who is not Christian!

Christians who have open hearts and homes to adoption of little innocent souls are my heroes!!! Not everyone can make that step.... but if you can just help one of these families bring a child into their home that may not have had the chance to know GOD's LOVE... You too can be a very IMPORTANT part of their adoption! You can watch their progress in the LORD and one day have the extreme pleasure of worshipping with them... with the ULTIMATE GLORY of joining them in HEAVEN!!

My Challenge to ALL Christians.... Either ADOPT or help finance an ADOPTION for a Christian Family.

May Our Lord be Praised

Dana Carrozza

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